Content Marketing for Business

What could your business do with more customers?

Every day people search the web to solve problems and find information. Do you have the solution to their problem, a great service or innovative product? If you don’t come up when they search, how will they every find out about what your business can do? That’s where content marketing comes in. Research at the University of California-Berkely showed that every day that 91% of all adults use web searches to find information and 56% perform a search every day. That’s way more than the 1% clicking online ads. The people searching for your products or services prefer to get their information from articles by someone they trust, not corporate advertisements. So, the most effective way to reach customers in today’s market is an inbound strategy called content marketing.


Become a Search Engine’s Best Friend

Search engines exist to help people find relevant, high-quality information.  Web search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others) have gotten much smarter recently. A decade ago it was good enough to know a few search engine optimization (SEO) tricks, but now those don’t work.  Search engines are working harder than ever to weed out generic “stock” content and outdated information. That’s their job, and you better believe they are good at doing it. So instead of focusing on SEO tricks, businesses that are building customers know that they need to play by the rules—and play to win. Instead of focusing on tricks that will be outdated an ineffective next year (or even next month), content marketing build a base of information relevant to search engines and people. That means what you invest in content will continue to pay dividends throughout the life of your business.


Content Marketing is an Investment in Mindshare

Building mindshare is the biggest challenge for any business. Customers are bombarded by hundreds of advertisements and search results every time they come online. So what is “shareworthy” in such a noisy world? Content marketing doesn’t just put information in front of customers, it captures their attention, entertains them, and builds your brand. People like to buy from businesses they trust, that make an emotional connection. That’s what they want to share. A website that consistently provides content can entice new and future customers to explore and build a lasting relationship with your business over months or even years. As an added bonus, search engines like Google boost your rank as your visitors share in social media and beyond—what’s shareworthy just becomes more shareworthy! We help you place the right investment in shareworthy content.


Your Competitors are Using Content Marketing—are you?

The popularity of “content marketing” as a search term has skyrocketed in the past few years as companies have realized that content can generate vastly more sales that traditional advertising. An advisory group called the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) that provides industry reports and training for content marketing wrote that B2B businesses are investing over 30% of their advertising budgets in content, on average. Large businesses like IKEA and GE are providing everything from information to training as content to drive traffic and build their brands. Medium and small businesses and even consultancies can benefit from content marketing too, because the barriers to entry are low. While major TV and radio ads may blow your budget, focused content that appeals to a niche market can be quite affordable. For this reason, blogs, white papers, e-books, and visual infographics, whiteboards, and sketch notes are popping up everywhere online.  There are many different kinds of content. Your content marketing strategy should be based on your business and your customer’s needs. Unique content can demonstrate your expertise and differentiate you from competitors.


Get Results through Content Marketing

Content marketing can help businesses to achieve measurable objectives when driven by a solid strategy. Waggener Edstrom Communications (a prominent PR agency) reported that 61% of marketing professionals helped their client increase sales using content marketing, as well as achieve numerous other objective like:

  • Lead generation that encourages inbound traffic from search engines to leave their contact information, such as by joining your mailing list. If potential customers like your content, you can win contacts and simultaneously establish credibility and trust.
  • Conversions for your products and services. Good content can help a browser turn into a customer. Targeted content that supports your range of service or product offerings will differentiate you from the competition.
  • Name recognition and “reach” that helps your brand grow its roots in social networks and beyond. You can reach new market segments, and leverage the benefits of organic growth.
  • Thought leadership that places your brand on the leading edge of your industry with thoughtful sharing of both peer content like blogs and technical content, such as research articles, white papers, and e-books.


Peer level Content Marketing (Your Customer and Your Blog)

Your blog provides a 24/7 direct line you your customers. Blog articles can connect your customers with insights from your staff, business and industry news, and more. It’s like having a customer service person, sales manager, and specialist right there, where and when your customers need answers.


Content Marketing beyond Blogging

Gabstract is more than just a blog writing warehouse, we create full strategic content for your business. While a blog is the equivalent of a digital conversation with potential customers, strategic content doesn’t end there. We also create white papers, research articles, e-books, and more. These take the casual conversation up a notch and can get your business noticed as a leader in your industry—with content customers will share.


Are time and resources standing in the way of content for your business?

The Content Marketing Institute says that the largest challenge facing businesses is the time and resources it takes to generate good, unique content on a regular basis—and poor quality or reused content can be worse than none at all. Poor content can plummet you to the bottom of web search listings and you can lose customers.

Gabstract can help your business to create share-worthy content for your brand. We offer a variety of services:

  • Branding for Startups, Consultants, and New Products – Looking for a perfect brand name, tag line, or logo? We use a scientifically-backed process developed from over 25 years of research to reinvent the way we choose names, tag lines, and visual communications. Designers trust gut instinct (and often end up with poor results). Our content marketing experts use research to make strategic brand choices that will drive results.
  • Blog writing – Copywriting and graphic design that will set your blog posts above the completion. Moz, a data software company that specializes in how to get noticed online, recommends the 10x Content rule. That is, to get noticed online your content needs to be more than just better that the competition, it needs to be 10x better! Don’t have the time or expertise in house? We can help you get results with your blog.
  • Technical content writing – Dazzle your customers with a professional quality white paper, original research reports, scientific articles, or a book release. We design can help you execute and create compelling findings based on your research. No research, no problem. We also conduct full service market research, focus groups, and social media testing.
  • Ideation and Creativity Coaching – Have you got a great concept, but your team stuck in a rut? Gabstract Ideation LabsTM focuses on driving innovation and creativity. We can give you concepts and an action plan to coach your team in designing innovative new ways to offer your product or service to reach customers in a whole new way. We offer services ranging from remote ideation packages to on-site coaching sessions lead by seasoned creativity coaching professionals.


Gabstract is your partner for generating high-quality, shareworthy content. We offer you the customized help you need to get noticed in a noisy world by driving business with content marketing. We are a boutique firm, which means every client gets the one-on-one attention they deserve.